Inner Child

The Child
antler, rhyolite, silver, copper

“Inner Child”  represents the continuity of life. He is a mixture of genetic material and earth elements.  Antler, the appendage that once protected its host from prey, is now a face that beams shyly back to life.  Rhyolite, with its beautiful layers of patterns and colors that form as lava flows through the stone, is now an elegant podium. The ivory in its simplicity contrasts greatly with a pink and black earthen mosaic upon which it rests. In the span of three inches, a new life experience is created. May it provide quiet relief from a universe too complex for human understanding.



Traces of Humanity – 16 Faces

16 Faces of Humanity
Traces of Humanity

What started as a study now documents my attempt to form a human face. It was a process of letting go: I tried over and over to “get it right” but always ended up giving in to the will of the metal.

Each began as an empty sphere. Then, as I practiced my technique, a trace of personality appeared. Some were whimsical, some despondent, and some otherworldly. After I had exhausted all attempts to work in this miniature scale, I looked back and saw that a collective energy of these 16 faces had emerged.

To see them side by side is mesmerizing. It’s an adventure to look from one face to the next; it’s like searching for a familiar face or a lost child looking for home.

Faces of Humanity

The Centurion
16 Faces of Humanity

This new body of work is an exploration of the human face set on sterling silver sheet. What began as a lesson on how to make a human face from a flat sheet of metal, has turned into a passion to form an anatomically correct being on an egg shape dome.

I have been studying all kinds of interesting faces in my travels. No matter how much I intend to reproduce them, they appear very different from my own vision. I am not discouraged, yet driven to see how real I can make them. I am using a variety of tools I’ve made myself. The process is called Repousse – a very ancient form of metal work.

I attribute my success so far to many great instructors, a captive audience, and the curious child within me.


Meet Night Vision

Night Hawk (1)

This is the second in a series of bone that were tattooed with pyrography, an ancient burning technique. The material is from a bovine vertebrae, all one piece. I see it as a symbolic mask. Hopefully it will have the same hypnotic effect on the audience.

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