Welcome Visitors!

Memorial to my niece, Amber Meadows.

Dear Visitor,

I am an artist living in Damariscotta, Maine. I’ve worked with a variety of media including wood, bone, antler, stone and metal. I have a full service workshop and studio located along side the quiet setting of Oyster Creek just off US Main Rt.I. I have designed numerous outdoor sculptures displayed on my property. I specialize in crafting unique metal sculptures with brilliant patinas. I also build large wooden sculptures from native White Oak and Eastern Red Cedar.

I encourage a visit to my workshop and studio to show you the depth of my work and teach you how I make my art. Thanks so much for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you.



One thought on “Welcome Visitors!”

  1. Hi Keith! I love your work! Living in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico, I also have a deep reverence for old bones and the stories they tell. What you do with them is magic and the marriage with metal is sublime. Bravo!

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