Eagle Boy

7J3A2916 (1)

Tall pines  reside

‘neath a crisp  blue sky, 

golden beams shine down

in acute degree.

Suddenly,  white arches rise,

bending bows as he soars – 

upward clutching treasure.

I cry out, “take me!”

I am lifted, I am free,

Eagle Boy is me.


The Eagle has landed, finally! Eagle Boy, a 3 foot carved white oak sculpture, is a project I’ve had in the works for about six years. This winter I decided the time was right to finally dig in and finish it.

I first observed two branches of oak joined in the center by a burl, and I immediately envisioned a young boy with his arms in the air waiting to be picked up. I studied it for weeks before I got up the nerve to carve into it. I managed to rough out a pretty good shape that looked somewhat like my vision, but I did not really have the skills or the confidence to go further, so I let it sit.

I began working in other media. First it was bone and then antler. Later I began working with metal. This changed my focus entirely. I worked under magnification and learned to push metal into doing exactly what I wanted.  I think this is what eventually gave me the confidence to go back and finish Eagle Boy.

People have commented on the scariness of the face, and I consider that a compliment. I have long been fascinated by the scary figures on the bows of the Viking Ships. If I’ve created a being that scary, I consider it a success.





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