IMG957354Keith Plummer, born in 1954 in Damariscotta, currently resides on Oyster Creek in Coastal Maine. He has studied metal smithing with Valentin Yotkov and Micheal Good along with attending numerous workshops at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. Keith is a self taught sculptor whose experimental evolution has led him to create a body of work that incorporates the precision of metallurgy with an inventive transformation of bone into anthropomorphic form. His concept pieces evoke contemplation about the significance of bones as a narrative of the human condition.

Mr. Plummer has exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the Northeast including Boston and New York City. He has also exhibited in Venice, Italy and Chester, England. His work has been featured in The Woven Tale Press, Exquisite Arts Magazine, Vellum, and The Matador Review. Recently, he received the 2nd Annual Leonardo Da Vinci Award in Florence, Italy.

Judges have noted the following about Keith Plummer’s sculptures:

“These are really interesting because they do show an aged, even ancient influence, but reinvent it as something contemporary; also do not evoke any classical form of art, but cultures that remain mostly unknown and/or misunderstood; these are spiritual, especially because of the presence of the carver’s hand; working in bone always builds tension between the forces of birth and death in the material and the undeniable life inside the artist that manipulates it; (this work is) primal and regal at the same time.”

Many of his bone sculptures can be viewed at our Studio/ Gallery on Oyster Creek.

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