King Neptune and Salacia

King Neptune and Queen Salacia
Royalty of the Sea

King Neptune and Salacia are the royal couple of the sea. Equipped with his famous trident, Neptune is controlling and fierce, determined to win the hand of a reluctant Salacia. By contrast, Salacia is carefree as the calm sea she represents and resists surrendering the good life of a sea nymph to assume the role of Neptune’s queen. The chase ends in marriage and the couple reign together over the sea. Battling stormy seas or celebrating calm waters, theirs is the timeless battle over control and surrender.

While making this piece, I envisioned a king holding up a trident exerting his primal power.  By his side stands a queen, whose beauty shimmers like sun on water. Surrounded by tides that shape a salty bay, I watch the mighty currents created by reversing tides, and I consider the force that created them. Tides represent the opportunity for self-renewal and also signify good timing. I am just discovering how to go with this flow. Without the magic of Neptune’s trident, I must rely on common sense, intuition, and patience. Sometimes I’m better off waiting for the opportunities brought in with the tide, and that wisdom is applied to both making art and living life.

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