Let the Trumpets Blare!


plummer-trumpeterLet the truth ring true for all ears to hear in this shimmering dawn of a brand new year. 

Maybe we can’t make it a perfect world with no pain and suffering, but we can renew our vow to listen to each other with love and compassion. For those who need to tell their story in order to heal, they don’t ask much. They just need to be heard. For those that struggle to be open minded, don’t let fear be a barrier. Embracing the truth does not mean something must always be done. A simple gesture of admiration for perseverance can go a long way toward bridging the gap between the whistle blower and denier. Imagine a world in which there is no devision, just people acknowledging one another’s suffering.

Let us come together on a higher plane of humanity: we all love our children, pets, clean water, and pure air; we all grieve losses and fear death. We are so much more alike than different.

Let the newness of the year give us all hope for better days to come.

Happy New Year!






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